Process engineering support - design and evaluation of
steam turbines and steam systems
Steam-ASSIST is Windows-based software designed to produce heat
and material balances for entire steam systems dynamically when
variables are changed.  The program handles complex steam systems
with multiple pressure levels, utilizing process steam, heating loads,
steam turbines of both back-pressure and vacuum turbine types, vacuum
steam surface condensing, boiler water pumping and deaerator heating
systems.  Steam-ASSIST uses a steam properties module to predict the
steam and water thermodynamic properties from full vacuum to critical
pressure and temperatures to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  The software
rigorously simulates the performance of individual turbines' drivers,
assessing their steam requirements from point efficiencies or efficiency
curves via Turbine Pow-r Rate-r.  The software performs heat balances
for blending the exhausts of turbines and let-down services, predicting
header operating temperature and pressure conditions.  Flash
calculations are included for prediction of boiler blow-down recovery to
lower pressure header systems.  Steam-ASSIST integrates with drawing
software to generate steam system flow diagrams dynamically as new
calculations are performed.  There is lno imitation of the amount of
equipment that may be included in a simulation.  The software was
written to produce accurate steam system heat and material balance
predictions for performance evaluations and for changes imposed by
different operating conditions, and equipment modifications involved in
plant assessment and retrofit design projects.
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