To learn more about how the ISL
Ultra Process can work to save
energy in your plant:
A Stokes Engineering Publication
Volume XX, Number 2
Second Quarter 2005
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Ammonia Plants: ISL Process
Saves Fuel

Integrated Synthesis Loop (ISL) Technology
blends unique ammonia synthesis process
engineering with conventional Makeup
Synthesis Gas prepared from conventional
Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming and
synthesis gas purification processes.

The ISL Process works in Synthesis Loops
which include multi-stage refrigeration
compressors to condense product
ammonia, by fully optimizing Refrigeration
System loads to minimize plant energy
consumption.  The ISL retrofit has controls to
shift loads of the synthesis and refrigeration
compressors to achieve maximum capacity
and efficiency advantages.

The ISL retrofit works with all Ammonia
Converter technologies, including reactors
with internal heat-exchange between catalyst
beds, ultra-high activity catalysts including
rare earth elements and mechanical designs
using radial bed flow, axial-radial flow or
cross flow arrangements.  Plants with
greater ammonia conversion in the
Ammonia Converter achieve higher energy
saving when retrofit with the ISL Process.

Only proven technologies are used in the ISL
Process.  The ISL Process is reliable and
accommodates rapid plant start-up and is
easy to understand and operate.

ISL Ultra Process installations can increase
production capacity.

Following retrofit of the ISL Process, further
increased plant capacity projects may be
completed with lower capital spending.
Ammonia Plant Process Engineering Services and Process Engineering

Integrated Synthesis Loop (ISL) Ultra - Ammonia Synthesis Process

Technology Features

Year-Round High Energy Savings
0.7 to 1.0 MM Btu/ST Ammonia, (0.20 to 0.28 mm kcal/tonne)
The Energy Savings can be higher, depending on the existing plant equipment.

Outstanding Economic Value:
2 year payback - Natural Gas $2.75/Million Btu (HHV)

Even faster payback with increased production

Works with all Ammonia Converters

For Ammonia Plants that use Refrigeration Compressors to Condense ammonia

Synthesis and Refrigeration Compressor energy reduction of 4100 to 4700
Horsepower (3050 to 3500 KW) for a 1550 STPD (1406 tonne/d) Ammonia Plant ISL Ultra
Process installation

No synthesis recycle gas through any front-end process equipment

Not retrofit before or between the Synthesis Compressor cases

No additional steam or fuel energy needed

No additional pumps or compressors needed

Works with changes of climate and processes

Easy to understand and operate

High reliability

Low maintenance cost

No chemicals or consumables needed

Improves capacity of Synthesis and Refrigeration Compressors and their drivers, the
Steam and Fuel systems and other utilities
To learn more about how the ISL Ultra Process can work to save
energy in your plant:
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