CO2 Removal Systems
Design, Evaluation and

Mixed Amine Systems
Rigorous MDEA
CO2 Removal - Equipment Design, Evaluation and Optimization
Including MDEA Based Systems - Rigorous Simulation

Chem-Engineering Services supplies clients process engineering
services for evaluating existing Mixed Amine CO2 Removal
System operations, plant tuning for optimization of energy use,
and retrofit designs to increase capacity and efficiency.
Mixed amine solvents have become popular World-Wide because of their high performance and
reliability in removing Carbon Dioxide from Synthesis Gas streams.

Process Engineering improvements for Mixed Amine CO2 Removal Systems are available from
Chem-Engineering Services to increase plant capacity and/or reduce energy use by about 50 percent
Replacement of CO2 Absorber and
CO2 Stripper internals
Rich Solvent Flash Drums
Replacement Heat Exchangers -
optimized for energy reduction
Rich Solvent
Power Recovery Turbines
Conversion of Single Stage CO2 Removal Systems to Multi-Stage Systems

Optimizing solvent composition and lean solution loading

Replacement of existing pumps, turbines and related equipment with modern, high
efficiency components

Energy auditing and tuning of key process variables to increase production or reduce
energy use
Retrofit Existing CO2 Removal Systems to Low Energy Designs (Click here)
New MDEA Based CO2 Removal Process Simulation article (Click here)
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