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Vertical Thermosiphon Reboiler - are
commonly used in many chemical processes
involving distillation, fractionation and stripping,
supplying the necessary heat input into the
process to drive the desired component mass
U-Tube Exchangers -
are sometimes used in process applications having
high pressure, including partial condensing of vapors.
This design is well suited for natural draining of
condensate.  The shell side may be cross-flow, as
illustrated, or instead, type "E" or "F" shells.
Tubesheet design -
is very important in all applications of
heat exchangers, to insure good
performance and to permit inspection
and cleaning.
Cross Flow exchanger designs are often used
to recover heat from process gas at a high
temperature level into a vaporized fluid, such
as in steam generation. Low shell side fluid
pressure loss is a desirable benefit for
cross-flow exchanger designs.
Vacuum Steam Surface Condensers -
are designed to maintain a vacuum
exhaust pressure and recover the steam
from large, multistage steam turbines that
provide power for the fans, compressors
and pumps in chemical plants.  These
large exchangers sometimes contain
thousands of tubes to condense and
recover steam from the chemical or power
plant turbines.
Special Cross Flow Exchangers -
are used to achieve low fluid pressure loss in
special design applications.  Cross-flow
exchangers are sometimes used to upgrade
other moderate pressure drop type "E" and "J"
heat exchangers to save energy.  Great care
must be taken in the design of cross-flow
exchangers, so they will work properly.
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