Process Engineering Support -
Furnace Engineering Services for
design, performance evaluations
and equipment ratings
The following example illustrates Chem-Engineering Services furnace
performance evaluation using Heat-r-Rate-r software for an existing
Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming Furnace, determining the impact for the existing
degree of furnace coil fouling.
The base case operation of a Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming Furnace is illustrated in the following
Heat-r-Rate-r simulation results.  These results are typical of many plants after several years of
furnace operation.  The furnace coils become fouled, and significant energy losses occur as a result
of reduced fuel efficiency.  Rigorous furnace simulation with furnace design and evaluation software
can identify coils that are underperforming, due to fouling, or other mechanical design issues enabling
the plant to maximize plant performance and minimize energy use.  Chem-Engineering Services
Heat-r-Rate-r software is capable of evaluations of complex furnaces, predicting the performance of
all furnace components improvements, and how they affect each other.
Furnace performance after cleaning calculations were developed with Heat-r-Rate-r software for this
Steam-Hydrocarbon Reformer furnace to predict the energy savings, and other potential modifications
or improvements for the plant.  For this plant, the energy savings were greater than $200,000 per year
(US $), based on an energy cost of $27.00 per Gcal.
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