Heat-r-Rate-r  Version 3.0

Heat-r-Rate-r software can be used in furnace engineering services to predict the performance for
complete convection section preheat systems, simulating the operation of individual coils in a
system as they interact with all others.

Heat-r-Rate-r software simulations provide furnace engineering support in plants to design
replacement furnace coils and other major equipment upgrades, such as installing a combustion
air preheater, or resizing limiting components for improving plant capacity or efficiency.
A Chem-Engineering Services client, operating a Hydrogen Plant, wanted to expand production.  The client chose to utilize a
new Pre-Reforming Reactor with their existing Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming Furnace to achieve a 20 percent increase in
Hydrogen capacity.  This new Pre-Reforming Reactor required the design of a new Mixed Feed Gas Reheating Coil, prior to the
return of the Synthesis Gas into the Tubular Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming Reactor Furnace.  The design was very difficult
because of the limitation of space available for the new  Mixed Feed Gas Reheating Coil.  The new coil had to be installed in an
existing high temperature insulated ductwork connecting the existing Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming Furnace flue gas effluent
to the existing Hot Convection Section.  Sketches of the original and new equipment configurations are illustrated below.
Hydrogen Plant Expansion Success

The Hydrogen Plant with Pre-Reformer Retrofit, including the new Mixed Feed Gas Reheating Coil has enabled the client to
successfully and safely expand the plant Hydrogen capacity, with reliability.  To insure complete success of the project,
simulations of the entire furnace were developed for the original plant Base Case, and multiple cases at different plant rates for
the Retrofit Case, using Chem-Engineering Services Heat-r-Rate-r software.  Heat-r-Rate-r software supports calculations to
insure that all of the furnace coils will operate successfully as a system, and the software was especially designed to be used to
evaluate incremental improvements and benefits for existing equipment.

Develop Entire Furnace Simulation for Success

The success of all furnace retrofit projects depends on the proper design of new and replacement furnace coils to achieve the
plant objectives.  It is very important that furnace engineering software accurately predicts the changes and interaction of new
and existing furnace coils on the overall furnace operation.  Heat-r-Rate-r software was specifically developed to run in design,
evaluation, and rating modes for a wide variety of furnace applications, and includes the same thermodynamics built into Chem-
Engineering Services’ process simulation software for reliable results.

Chem-Engineering Services recommends to clients that complete Base Case and Retrofit Case overall furnace calculations
should be performed to insure that all modifications will work properly, while accurately determining changes in heat transfer
and resultant energy savings, thereby insuring a project’s economic success.
Heat-r Rate-r software is designed to investigate Chem-Engineering Services client's plant
operating problems and provide reliable solutions and equipment improvements to reach the
plant's goals.
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