Process engineering support - design and evaluation of steam turbines
and steam systems
Chem-Engineering Services process engineering software, Turbine Pow-r
Rate-r, was developed to establish the performance of both back-pressure
and vacuum exhaust steam turbines.  The program incorporates the steam
properties module from Steam-ASSIST for thermodynamic calculations
including enthalpy, entropy, superheat and percent moisture for superheated
steam vapor, saturated and two phase steam conditions.  The process
engineering support calculations include prediction of water rate for given
supply steam conditions and efficiency; efficiency for given supply steam
conditions and water rate; and, water rate and efficiency for given supply and
exhaust steam conditions.  The process engineering basis may include the
prediction of steam requirement for a given power requirement, or power
developed for a given steam flow.  Thermodynamic properties predictions
cover the entire range of steam pressure from full vacuum to critical pressure
at temperature to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Turbine Pow-r Rate-r software
is fully integrated into Steam-ASSIST software, and also exists in a stand
alone version for process engineering support and performance assessment
of all types of turbines in a plant steam system.
For assistance and process engineering support to optimize your plant
site's steam system and steam turbines performance and energy use,
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